18 Legit Online Jobs for College Students That Pay Well

Your job would be to read over articles or documents and fix any errors. Because, it’s important to have error-free content, especially if you’re a business trying to build credibility. Project managers help teams stick to their timeline and/or budget when completing a project, and helps support cross-team communication.

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Remote Bliss

Loans, scholarships and grants typically pay tuition or campus housing costs and are not intended to subsidize day-to-day expenses. An online job that works with your schedule can help pay for daily expenses such as rent, groceries, meals, transportation and fun activities. Unlike in-person jobs, a flexible online role can work around your college courses and study schedule. Below we highlight some benefits of working remotely while in college. Remember that resumes should always be personalized to the individual job and that it’s never a good idea to submit the same generic resume for each remote job application.

easy remote jobs for college students

A search engine evaluator is responsible for improving the accuracy and relevance of search engine results. As a college student, you can apply your research and analytical skills to help achieve this goal. If you’re an avid gamer or love playing games on your phone, you might be able to turn that into a lucrative side hustle with flexible hours. You can start a gaming blog, create a YouTube channel, compete in gaming tournaments, or even play games on sites like Mistplay to earn cash.

What are some “easy” remote jobs for college students?

The most important thing you’ll need to remember is to save some of the money you make for taxes. Because taxes won’t be taken directly from your earnings like they would from a paycheck from a traditional job. Experts recommend saving 25-30% of your side hustle income to account for taxes. It may be scary or confusing to think about filing taxes as a college student. If you have a pleasant voice and know how to use recording software, then you can make some extra cash being a voice-over artist.

Although one class won’t make you a professional coder, you will get a good foundation and the confidence to take on your first clients. And if you sign up with a site like InboxDollars, you’ll find other ways to make money in college including taking surveys, playing games, or even watching videos. If you enjoy trying new products and writing about them, then consider doing it for money. There are plenty of legitimate sites that will pay you for your reviews. After you’ve brainstormed some ideas, the next step is to choose a host for your website.

No-Phone, Work-From-Home Jobs (& Salaries)

If you’ve already done some remote work, mention this on your cover letter. You may also want to list your remote work experience in a separate section on your resume to really highlight it. Think outside the box – freelance work or any kind of work-from-home activities are all considered remote work experience.

If you find yourself in the former category, you can actually make some extra cash just by taking and selling your notes for popular classes. Websites like the ones below allow you to upload your class notes, set a price, and then sell them to other students. Tired of the broke college student stereotype? Well, these days, in the best remote jobs for college students glorious age of the internet… your options for making money are practically endless. You might even be able to find a part-time job in the gaming industry, which is helpful if you’re in a major like graphic design or computer science. Popular services available on Fiverr include writing, web development, and graphic design.

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